Tuesday, July 28, 2015

5 Wonderful Things

I've been writing down things I just love in this world to share with my daughters. It's a fun conversation to talk about these things and why I love them. So far, I have the following on my list:

1. Pine cones and the smell of pine 
2. Eastern box turtles
3. The golden sun setting through a forest
4. Violets in a field
5. When a favorite song comes on the radio

Why do I love these things? What emotions do they conjure? What makes them wonderful? It's a great conversation to get to know someone, but it's also a great writing project to put into words what it feels like to come upon a blanket of violets in a meadow or a turtle half hidden by a log. And why love the smell of pine? And why love singing to a familiar song? 

I wonder who else loves these thing, and I wonder who loves entirely different things but for perhaps the same reason. If we talked about it, we'd surely stumble upon beauty, mystery, praise, and a longing for home. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

A Place Prepared

Today I'm reminded and comforted by the great promise from John 14 that Jesus goes and prepares a place for us. One day, we shall experience this prepared place--this dwelling made for us by God's own hand. 

I grew up in a lovely home where each room was specially prepared to delight and comfort the inhabitant right down to the gardenia scent. Guests in our home enjoyed lavish textures and delicious treats often prepared days in advance. When I would return from college or later with my husband and new family, we'd find special cookies and presents amid lit candles and music. 

I always knew special preparations were happening in anticipation of our arrival. 

I think about Jesus preparing a special place that's beyond what I could hope for or imagine. I think about Him being there most of all. How incredible and comforting to know we have a place prepared!

Sunday, July 26, 2015


I'm nourished the Southern way: fried okra, fried chicken, butter beans, sweetest sweet corn, sliced tomatoes, sweet tea, and a trip to Dairy Queen for dessert. 

Friends, family, a lake, dragonflies: nourished indeed.