Sunday, August 19, 2012

Until I Saw a Bear

Sometimes, I dream that a little cabin in the woods--far, far away from civilization--will somehow help me live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.

I'd enjoy simple pleasures: wildflowers and  stretches of meadow interrupted only by a lazy cloud or two. 

I would rest easy and enjoy all that peace.

It's wonderful--until of course the bear comes.

He labors towards me like he owns the place.


He stops and stares. He's small, but I fear he could still make a meal out of me and my small children. 

Bear Stare-Down

I realize that perhaps little cabins also inevitably come with bears. What I imagine is so wonderful actually holds its particular dangers and challenges.

It's not all meadows and flowers. It seems lovely, but it comes with bears.

Have you seen a bear in nature? Sublime! 


Roberta Beach said...

I've seen bears, mountain sheep and moose when I lived in MT. And yes, cabins in the woods are no longer in "civilization" but part of different ecology system; people who move out and then complain about the grizzly raiding their trash need to remember whose territory they have entered. I'm pro-grizzly :). I still have a house in MT rented to the same couple since I left 19 years ago...perhaps for retirement?

LivewithFlair said...

Nice point, Roberta! I can't imagine seeing an actual moose in nature!

Patricia W Hunter said...

I've seen dozens of bears in the smokey mountains over the years we camped there....and we had a bear visit us twice this past Thanksgiving Day. I don't know what's more unnerving - a bear or a gator. I'd prefer they both keep their distance.