Thursday, January 3, 2013

If You Would Have Told Me Twenty Years Ago

If you would have told me twenty years ago that I could carry a phone with me that fits in my pocket, I would have laughed at you. If you would have told me twenty years ago that I could look at my phone and see your face talking to me, I would have said it's impossible.

I take it all for granted. Today, I'm struck by the wonder of technology: my daughter emailing from school to ask a question, my friends on the other side of the world receiving instant photographs of my family through my phone, my asking my phone a question and it verbally responding to me with recipes, trivia, and directions.

Years ago, this was crazy--unimaginable, unheard of, and silly even. Today, I wonder what ideas we have that seem unimaginable and unheard of. I'm filled with wonder as I call far away grandparents and see their faces--and show them ours--as we eat breakfast. I'm so thankful.

Have you been so thankful for technology lately?

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A.J. Frey said...

My favorite thing about technology these days is how easy it is to gain information. I couldn't imagine trying to be a writer in times when using a typewriter was the norm, researching meant a trek to the library (fun, but not convenient all the time), and thinking that you were a weirdo just because no one next to you happened to also be into the same things as you.