Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's Sort of Awkward

My youngest daughter shares the incredible news: The classroom eggs have hatched!

"Wow! What was it like?" I ask. I've never actually seen anything hatch before--at least I can't remember that I have. I imagine it's very fast. A few taps, and then the duck just comes out.

That's how I want it to be. I imagine a little tap, chirping, and a beautiful fuzzy duckling popping out.

"It's takes an hour," she reports.

"A whole hour?"


We watch the tail end of the hatching video her teacher records and posts.

It's not pretty. It's sort of awkward, time-consuming, and unattractive. It's floppy and strange.

I suppose we imagine our own hatchings into God's new plans for us to be very fast. I think of suddenly arriving into some new part of my life with ease, beauty, and speed.

No. I think it's more awkward, time-consuming, and not always attractive. But once you dry your feathers, get your bearings, and shove off that shell, you finally do come into your own. It's just not struggle free. It's just not quick.

I love the wonder of a second-grade classroom awaiting ducklings! Have you watch something hatch lately?


Sonya said...

Beautiful post Heather! Some of my favorite classroom memories of my kids involve the second grade chick hatch. Love the life lesson!

Elaine said...

I needed to learn about some birds visiting our yard and went to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. They have bird nest cams! The Red-tailed Hawks have already hatched but the Great Blue Herons are still sitting. Now I will have to keep watch to see them hatch!