Tuesday, November 12, 2013

There's Always Beauty

I'm trudging along in my snow boots to attend my office hours with my head down, sighing. It's one of those days! I'm tired and moody. I need a nap.

I notice the snow melting on the fallen leaves. In the early afternoon sun, the snowflakes transform into perfect droplets on a leaf.

It's so beautiful.

I love beauty. I love that there's always beauty around us to enjoy. What a gift from God (especially on moody days)! Beauty invites us to go outside of ourselves and our bad days to remember a bigger story.


Elaine said...

I so agree, natural beauty is such a gift! No snow or rain here but the setting sun was truly magnificent. Such Art in the heavens!

Leslie Johnson said...

Love this
Thanks for reminding us to see the beauty.