Monday, November 22, 2010

Answer with Joy

Winterberry Holly
This weekend, I could not help my fascination with winterberry holly.  I love how vibrant the berries appear against a drab late-autumn landscape.  Those berries challenge their depressing surroundings with a hallelujah of red. 

Thorny Cages
They rise out of treacherous, thorny cages of leaves. 

They nourish entire populations of birds--over 48 species.  Even small mammals depend on these luscious berries to sustain them through the bitter winter. 

Let me rise out of thorns, answer with joy whatever dark background hovers about, and nourish those around me.  

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Elaina Baker said...

In Ann Arbor, all the birds are still here, it seems like. People feed them, so they don't want to go away.