Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Daughter's Perspective on Holiday Shopping

We're in a glitzy store, admiring all the ornaments and enjoying the holiday smells.  As my children wander down the aisles to observe the dazzling toys, my youngest cries out:

"Mommy!  You have got to come see this!  It's amazing!  Come here right now!"  She's calling out to me, weaving in and out of shoppers to pull me to her side.  I think she's about to show me some toy--the kind with bells and whistles and a price tag we'll never be able to afford.

Instead, she drags me to. . . nothing.  In silence, she points to the floor.  There, on the store's carpet, imprinted with the markings of a thousand holiday shoppers' shoes, a rectangular rainbow appears from the perfect configuration of light coming through the window through some prism I cannot see.

"Look at it.  Just look at it!"  She moves her feet and hands within the rainbow, and I do the same.  The light on our skin makes us blaze with a spectrum of colors.  She's filled with wonder at this rainbow on the floor.

It cost me nothing.


Elaina Baker said...

Kids can surprise you, can't they?

boonstoon said...

Those are the best kind of gifts!


jenny_o said...

This brings to mind something that many parents have experienced: when our children were small, they'd play with their new toys for awhile, but they'd play with the big boxes the toys came in for a very long time.

Sallie Kate said...

Wow! Joy in something other than stuff. Beautiful :)

Mspong said...


L.L. Barkat said...


Now I am taking note of the light, playing in odd shapes on the cranberry walls of my study. :)

Sam Van Eman said...

Kids help us "see" don't they? This is great, Heather.