Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Forgot to Tell You. . .

I forgot to tell you that the lilacs are blooming.  That's what we smell on the walk to school.  We bury our noses in lilacs.  When we get the mail?  Lilacs!  When we open the doors to our homes, it all lilacs--all the way down the road.

Lilacs Blooming

Lilac doesn't even give you a choice about it; no matter what you're thinking about or feeling, you'll notice the rich smell, close your eyes and just enjoy it for a moment. 


The forced nature of that lilac scent--overpowering, insistent, saturated--made me think about how, sometimes, we need some forced pleasure because we're too stubborn, too negative, too worried, or too sad to enjoy anything anymore.  The lilac cries out, "I'm here, and you're breathing, so enjoy this, will ya?

Living with flair means receiving the joy today.

Journal:  What is insisting that you enjoy it today?


missing moments said...

Reviewing old photos and editing into something more than I thought they could be. Adding flare to bring out their beauty!

Live with Flair said...

Very nice, Missing Moments!!

parchet lemn said...

Liliac it is so beautiful, and i love the way it smells.

nance marie said...

those moments add up, don't they?