Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who Needs You to Listen to Them?

Every few months or so, I'll get a migraine headache that forces me to get in bed.   

Last night, I crawl into my daughter's bed, and she joins me.  At 7:00 PM--two hours before her bedtime.  

The little one finds her pajamas, brushes her teeth, and snuggles up on the other side of me.

For two hours, we stay there.  I listen to exactly 35 diary entries that chronicle my daughter's 3rd grade year.  I listen to a debate about which glitter pen is actually better--red or blue.  Then I listen to prayer requests straight from the heart of a child.  I hear about best friends, arguments, crushes. 

For two hours, I listen because it doesn't feel good to talk or to move. 

I need to get sick more often.

Journal:  What can I change in my schedule so I have time to listen to family members?


Anonymous said...

my daughter is 14, she no longer shares things with me so easily. enjoy this time!! it does go by too fast.

Emily said...

What a blessing.

Meg McGinty said...

I miss your family and this is beautiful. I hope you feel better!!!

arrangedinlove said...

Being newly married I am slowly learning how important it is to listen. Thanks for sharing your story!

Corinne @ Everyday Gyaan said...

What a great reminder, Heather. And I'm in love with your little bundle of joy! :)