Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Message from a Pandora Sphinx Moth

I arrive into my driveway, and an enormous Pandora Sphinx Moth greets me.  The moth--as big as my own hand--sits with authority as if sent to deliver a message.   We think, at first, a leaf attached itself to our door.  But then we see clearly.

Watch carefully.  Things are not what they seem

Pandora Sphinx Moth © Live with Flair

When you have a Pandora Sphinx Moth welcoming you home, you feel as if you're in another land with enchanted creatures.  Anything can happen here.  Look again, and you'll see wonderful things

I lean in and observe the velvety wing.  What a strange and curious world this is!  Even when I'm inside my house (folding laundry, cleaning dishes), I know the moth guards my door.  Just remembering that such a beautiful and mysterious insect exists somehow brings delight and wonder to the whole morning.  Living with flair means taking some time to observe the strangely beautiful. 

Pandora Sphinx Moth Wing © Live with Flair
Journal:  What strangely beautiful thing did you see today?


Patricia said...

Very cool, Heather. As you know, I have a think for insects, as long as there is a camera lens between us. =) They are strangely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Very Cool!