Monday, September 14, 2015

The Day I Lectured in a Math Class

Today I guest lectured in a Math class of all things. Are you chuckling with compassion? I comforted myself and eased my nerves by saying, "Whatever weakness I possess in math, I more than make up for in verbs."

I aimed to help math students write more clearly and effectively as they blog about various measurable environmental issues--whether water, meat consumption, fracking, or any interesting and timely environmental matter. I'm inviting them to showcase their equations and results in a way that engages a real audience and motivates them to change.

What a fun, unusual day! Picture me up there alongside the math professors. Picture all the incomprehensible math formulas swirling about (they weren't actually there; I saw them in my mind, and I didn't understand a single thing). Picture my song and dance of verbs, semicolons, and sentence patterns.

Patterns? Hey, this moment synchronized writing and numbers after all. Writing contains a numeric component! Oh, beautiful harmony!

Yes, I brought a handout with 400 of my favorite verbs. I counted them, probably incorrectly. 

I wish to collaborate even more with my mathematics professor friends. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I even took a photo to commemorate the day I lectured to mathematics students and survived.

And I was invited back next semester. Sweet victory!

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