Thursday, February 17, 2011

When Your Scars Leak (Warning: Graphic Image of a Cat's Infected, Although Missing, Eye)

Yesterday, my daughter cries out that Jack's scar is leaking

Remember Jack?  Our one-eyed cat, over this past year, seemed fully recovered from the day we rescued him:  he learned to purr again; he discovered his lost meow; he started caring for other cats; then he learned to stand up for himself against the other cats; and finally, he learned how to knead the bed like normal kitties do.

He was fully alive, fully cat

We hardly notice the scar anymore.  It's only when other folks come over and comment that we remember.

Infected Eye Wound
But the wound where his eye once was becomes infected.  The vet says the infection is so great, so deep, that it has to burst out of the scar. 

We hold Jack all evening.  We care for the infection, treat it with medicine, and give special attention to him. 

I remember that sometimes wounds leak.  Even after a year of healing, the old scar can ooze.  Just because we don't notice the wound, one day, it bursts back into our lives and threatens us with that discouraging reminder.

But we aren't discouraged.  We go back to the basics.  We hold him, love him, and treat him.  We aren't shocked or repulsed.  It's part of his journey, and we're right here with him. 

Living with flair means I'm in this with you.  Even when the old wounds leak out, we go back to the basics, take care of one another, and let the healing begin again. 

Journey:  When old wounds leak, how can I keep from being discouraged?


Red said...

Ahhh. This is piercing my heart! Thank you for not just writing this but for putting this into such a visual for myself and others. Thank you for loving Jack through thick and thin. The good, the bad and the ugly. True love.

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

Jack's wound can be extrapolated to so many life situations. Thanks for sharing - I need to remember the basics.

Dianna said...

Aw, poor Jack. I know you and your family are taking good care of him. Hope he heals quickly; he's a lucky cat to have a family who loves him so much.


E.M.B. said...

I said, in my blog today that there is nothing Jack can do about it, really, and that is sad. Hope he turns out okay.

jenny_o said...

I hope Jack's wound becomes fully healed in time. He is lucky to have a good family to keep him company and comfort him on this journey.

JoAnn Foley-DeFiore said...

LOVE IT!!! go back to the basics, love, and heal. AMEN, soul sister.
hugs, jo