Saturday, February 5, 2011

Does This Help or Harm?

This week, several interesting opportunities flooded my inbox and my voicemail.  I wanted to do them all.  But after 10 years of marriage and two children, I've learned (finally) to ask the question, "Will this decision help or harm my marriage and family?" 

A simple decision-making tool expanded today to include a far-reaching scope.  I made this list today:

1.  Does this behavior or decision help or harm my relationship with God?  (helps me identify sin)
2.  Does this behavior or decision help or harm my husband and children? (helps with my career choices)
3.  Does this behavior or decision help or harm my mind and body?   (helps with my food choices)
4.  Does this behavior or decision help or harm another person?  (helps with my speech)

So far, I turned down the Oreo cookie binge and an invitation to take on a new teaching project that would take too much time away from my husband and children.

I like this little list.  It helps me live with flair. 

Journal:  Help or harm?  


dianne said...

Help or harm. I like that. Simple but important questions. Going to write them down in several places as a reminder.

And I like the journal questions feature, btw.

Mummy Dearest said...

Drain or sustain?

I have to often sloooow down and ask myself that question...

jenny_o said...

I like your list, too.

I'm really seeking a way to tame my impulsive evening eating. Number 3 on your list is now added to my mental list of things to consciously decide before approaching the kitchen.

I need to work on Number 4 (my speech) too. What to do, what to do? ... can't change everything at once!