Friday, May 30, 2014

So You'd Get What You Really Needed: Another Message About Suffering

I've been researching how to best preserve my lilac bouquets in the house. It turns out that you can add some sugar, some lemon juice, and some bleach to your glass vase, and you'll have many days of fragrant blooms in your home. Here's the recipe (a very scientific one). 

While I'm researching, I discover that the lilac stem is so tough and so thick that it's nearly impossible for those stems to draw up their life-sustaining nutrients in a vase. They wilt and expire within one day.

I learn that you must crush and split the stems to soften them and provide many points of entry for the lilacs to suck up all the water.

I'm standing in my kitchen, damaging those stems--literally breaking them open with a knife--(in order to save them!), and I realize the tender hand of God in my own heart that crushes in order to provide a special and rapid access to what I really need: Him, the Living Water.

The tough, thick me softens so I can get what I've wanted and needed all along. This was the crushing and cutting that saved me.


Dana Ray said...

A reminder in lilacs--how perfect. It's been a year of this for me: very direct crushing in certain places I thought always needed to be in tact. Living in Bulgaria and away my roots has been hard! And still, Life is given.

Bw Smith said...

I read this last night -- Thank you -- picture and words capture the pain and problems and wonder of LIFE.