The Story Behind Flair

It all started in my kitchen.

I blame Michael Jackson and my neighbor.

I decided I needed to learn the moves to "Beat It."  I called my friend, and she came over to dance in my kitchen with me.

Just the day before, another friend told me I should blog.  "You're a writer; you should blog."

The next morning, I decided I would start a blog. That day, 5 people read my blog.

I had finished a grammar book called, "How to Write with Flair," and I had been wondering what it would look like to live with flair.  Dancing in my kitchen felt like flair-- even though I couldn't have defined what flair was supposed to feel like--and I decided to write a little essay called "I Believe in Living with Flair."  That very afternoon, I submitted it to our local NPR contest, and the next day, NPR called to tell me I had won the contest and would be on the radio the next week.

A few months later, thousands of people had read the blog. 

Along the way, I realized that the Flair Challenge was a choice to find happiness, beauty, and spirituality every single day.  No matter how bored, how exhausted, how sick, how moody, how negative, how angry, how jealous, or how entitled I wanted to be, I could change that reality with a turn of the kaleidoscope.  I could choose to see the day differently.  I could seek out that one morsel to make the day great.

And I would do it every single day.

So far, so good.