Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sisters Who Drive Long Distances To See You

I tell my daughters that, although they can't stand each other now, one day, they'll be the best of friends. I hear them bickering upstairs as I fix the guest room for my sister who is on her way through sleet and cold to see me.

I remind them that sisters are one of God's greatest gifts.

It's like this:

One day, your sister will pick you up from high school, take you to ice-cream, go shopping with you, and find a fun restaurant for dinner because you just need a break from everything and everyone. You fight now, but one day, you'll want to be with her more than anyone in the world because she's your sister and she just knows you. 

One day, your sister will drive hours to visit you at college and take you to coffee shops and listen to all your boyfriend drama. She will nod her head, refill your mug, and hold your hand. She will send you handwritten notes with Bible verses on them to encourage you to return to Jesus when you have wondered so far away that you do not know yourself.

One day, she'll send you flowers on the day you don't get the sorority bid. The card will say, "From your real big sister."

One day, she'll drive to find you when you're depressed and losing your mind. She'll tell you that you are just "stuck in a moment" and you'll find your way out.

One day, your sister will drive even more hours for a wedding, new babies, and birthday parties. You'll drive the same distance for her. It won't matter if it's snowing or nobody has the kind of money to spend on travel. You just do it because you're sisters.

You'll immensely love each other and immensely fight and then immensely apologize and start all over again.

One day, your sister will drive six hours one way to spend one night with you because you're about to turn 40 years old. And she'll spoil you rotten because you're both professionals now and can splurge.

You can't stand her now, girls, but one day, one day, you'll love her so much you'll cry just thinking about her.

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