Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Secret Little Processes

I know it's a silly thing, but I love making dough with yeast. I love oiling the bowl and setting the round ball (in this case, pizza dough for dinner) inside as I cover it with my blue dishtowel.

I leave the for the day, and I know it's working. Something is happening. Whether I perceive it or not, whether I realize it or not, a natural process stays in place with that yeast, sugar, flour, water, and my spices for my dough (I add garlic powder, oregano, and thyme into my crust).

I return and find it is working according to plan. The joy of lifting that blue dishtowel! Such a simple, pure pleasure. Haven't these past five years been about just this: ordinary marvels, ordinary pleasures, ordinary moments that shimmer with God's love and goodness?

Well, today, it's yeast again. I don't need much in this life when I can smile with pleasure at pizza dough rising on the stove.

I realize why I love these secret little processes: Just like yeast that will do its secret work, a spiritual life in Christ--aided by the Holy Spirit, God's word, and prayer--is working within me, is happening, is growing me. It's happening. It's working. Whether I perceive it today or not, that power is doing something within me.

Someday soon I'll marvel at that growth that came in a secret little way.

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