Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Because Here I See Best

Right around 5:00 PM, the sun sets behinds the trees in my backyard. It's the most beautiful thing. I could start crying it's so stunning. The golden light filters through those leaves. Everything looks lit from within like it's going to catch fire. I often just stand there and bask. I even stop talking it's that important.

But what's happening physically to me as this beautiful thing is happening? I'm always at the kitchen sink. I'm always getting something ready for dinner, scrubbing some dish, or filling another child's glass with water. I'm always feeling the weight of some kind of stress.

But it's the view through the kitchen sink window that fills me with such wonder and worship.

I pause there, scrubbing something. I had to be here to see this. There's no other way to see it. I'm serious. Move a little right, and the sun's angle isn't right. Move left, and the golden glow dissolves.

So I'm here.

So much of my journey of motherhood and housekeeping involved crying at the kitchen sink, not because of beauty but because of all those dark days I couldn't beat. But then, as you know, I began to see again. I began to see that wherever God puts me, it's because it's here I see beauty--and Him-- best. I will trust Him more and more for this, and every day at 5:00 PM, He teaches me the truth of it.

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