Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Another Peek: What Happens on a Book Release Day

For those of you following the big publishing journey, I thought I'd offer another inside peek at the process. Yesterday was Book Release Day! I had no idea what this would mean, so I'll tell you.

It means that your friends all text and email to tell you how happy they are for you. It's a day to celebrate with them!

It means everyone who pre-ordered the book receives it in the mail (and they take pictures of it and send them to you to celebrate!)

It means your editor contacts you to celebrate.

It means people start telling you that your book is in a Barnes and Noble in Cary, NC. You pause and think about what this means for a minute, and you celebrate a dream come true!

It means people talk about your book on social media, and then people email you to tell you people are talking about your book on social media. But you don't think about this for long because you have to fold a load of laundry.

It means people can start reviewing the book on (hint, hint)

Other than these things, nothing fundamentally changes. You still go about your writing, teaching, and parenting tasks. You still unload the dishwasher, make hamburgers for dinner, and finish your writing for the day. You put children to bed, prepare lesson plans, and grade papers.

But you are smiling a whole lot.

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