Friday, October 23, 2015

Everywhere You Go: A Host

My friend sends me an article where the authors ask, "What makes a teacher great?" They present the classical concept of "Philoxenia," a new Greek word to add to my list. The word technically means "love of strangers" or more broadly, "a good host with a generous spirit."

The authors suggest that such a deeply classical concept of generous hosting applies to both home and work. They ask, "What if a truly great teacher is one who nourishes her students through Philoxenia? Perhaps we ought to think of ourselves as hosts, offering a place of rest and renewal: providing a feast, a celebration, and a song."

I think the Italian Mamas would approve.

The classical concept of hosting others--in my home and classroom--inspires me so much as I think about how to generously invite others into rest and renewal wherever I go. No matter where I am or what I'm doing--and whether I'm with friends or strangers--I'm a host.

Let me help you rest and refresh. Let me offer a feast, a celebration, a song. 

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