Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lesson from Neighborhood Boy in 100 Words

We can't find the mountain trail for our evening hike. 

Some kids pass by. One calls out:   "You looking for something?"  We describe the trail.   He nods.   "Follow me.  I can show you."

He delivers us to our destination.  He mentions different paths to avoid and various landmarks to spot. Then he returns to his friends. He didn't have to help.  There was no reward for him.  He was just helpful.  

The boy had flair.  Would I have done that for somebody? 

I thought about who might be lost and needs me to say, "Follow me. I can show you."


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ. He was the master of showing people the way. ;)

M. Addiea said...

I love your idea of finding flair everyday. It's beautiful. :) Check out my new blog sometime! www.peopleandraindrops.blogspot.com.