Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is Your Goal Sufficiently Attractive?

I just read a cool quote from Jennifer Kennedy Dean.   She writes, "Whatever you choose to pursue will mean that you sacrifice something else.  The key is this:  If the goal is sufficiently attractive, the sacrifice required will be irrelevant.  In fact, the more focused on your goal you are, the less you will perceive the requirements as sacrifices." 

If the goal is sufficiently attractive. . . 

I thought of weight loss.  I thought of emptying my dishwasher every day.  Then I thought of Jesus.  When I realize the power, beauty, and wonder of knowing God, the sacrifices of dying to self, surrendering, and giving up my right to my own life become irrelevant. 

Journal:  What no longer seems like a sacrifice in light of a sufficiently attractive goal? 


Frotastic said...

Keep your eyes on the prize: Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross...
Let us endure housework for the joy of living in Jesus!

Sue Tell said...

Great post, Heather. My friend Kathy (Heidi's mom) introduced me to your blog several months ago. Yesterday she asked me if she could send me your book. YES!!!

I love your thought on sacrifice and it is a perfect complement to the blog I'm writing today. I'd going to attach your post to mine.

I too consider writing my blog a devotional practice. It's so good for me to ponder how God is working.

I've added you to my favorite blogs list and I'll check in often.
Sue Tell

Beth Werner Lee said...

This is so right on! I am often in a place where the goal is sufficiently attractive: every Sunday night we open our house and have dinner with nearby students (my husband is a prof at Westmont College) and sometimes half our food budget goes into that meal! I am so thankful for a husband who generously supports that and helps clean beforehand.

But other times I am challenged (this summer he suggested we buy more seating area (we have only one couch!) instead of going on vacation). As you might imagine, I agreed with a pang of pain. However, finding the couch that makes the sacrifice worthy and planning stay at home summer fun have helped me tremendously.

I'm so glad to have this little secret to being content in every circumstance. Look for the sufficient joy!

Unknown said...

I've often uttered something similar to this when someone (including me) says they couldn't make it to an event, or when a group has trouble deciding on a date to meet. If we really wanted the thing, we'd make it happen, right?