Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2 Lessons from an Italian Mama in 100 Words or Less

1.  The mistake people make with their sauce is not letting it simmer long enough.  No rush here with my sauce or my life.  

2.  As I listed ingredients learned from my first Italian cooking lesson, my Italian Mama neighbor leaned over my shoulder and said:  "Don't forget the most important ingredient." She paused, closed her eyes, put her hand over her heart, and said:

“You must put on your Bruce Springsteen music.”

Italian Mamas have soundtracks--undercurrents-- of passion, good hearts, and kitchen talent.  What soundtrack, what undercurrent, flows beneath my life? 


JoAnn Foley-DeFiore said...

LOVE IT!!!! and a Springsteen fan too! :)

Carleene said...

Living with flair celebrating my 38 years married to the man I love. He brought home the roses: one each, red for my passions of life, pink for beauty, white for purity and spiritual strength and yellow for all the separations we endured while he was in the Army....yes, your marriage can get better and better as time goes on!!