Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lesson Two from the Italian Mama (in 100 Words or Less)

Today I studied meatballs.  You need to clothe the meatballs with breadcrumbs (from the ancient bread in the back of the fridge), brown them a little, and then let them cook all day in the sauce. 

This way, they won't fall apart. 

Meanwhile, the little girls in our neighborhood worry about their clothes, their friendships, their popularity.  I think about clothing them generously with that ancient kitchen love--the kind passed down from generations upon generations of mothers who build families as they build recipes.

Keep these children strong, clothed in the ancient love, so they don't fall apart.      


Anonymous said...

Hi H! Can we get the sauce and meatball recipe? I would love it and be so thankful! :)

S said...

Some days I am SO glad that I will never have any daughters.