Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Like Victoria Falls

Last night, I show my daughters the footage from Discovery Channel's Human Planet of the fisherman in Zimbabwe who brave a waterfall to catch their supper.  As the greatest source of natural power, Victoria Falls cascades down for 360 feet.  We watch, fascinated at the beauty and power of it.  It's a sublime encounter just to experience it in film:  I feel fear and wonder simultaneously.

Later, I'm reading a book about the power source of God within us.  The author compares knowing God to having power deep within that far surpasses even Victoria Falls.  I'm struck by the fact that I had just seen the footage of this waterfall two minutes before.

I think about that power.  It seems a little terrifying, a little dangerous.  But it also seems beautiful and wonderful.  It's a visual reminder I can't stop thinking about today.  Is the power of God like that in me?  And what do I need power for?

For everything.  I need God's power for everything, especially that very thing I think I cannot do.

I send a message to a struggling mother to tell her about this power within her.  "It's like Victoria Falls.  Remember that."  

Living with flair means I tap into that power source today.

(photo, "Victoria Falls Zambezi," Creative Commons, author Zest-pk)
Journal:  Do I live like I have that power within me?  What would I dare try if I was certain of this power? 


Anonymous said...

butterflies in my heart

Anonymous said...

Wonderful visual to keep. I so enjoy your posts. BTW, this is Roberta @ Silverwalk using my Wordpress site to sign in :).

Unknown said...

The power of almighty God within you & within me - amazing thought!

jeedoo said...

And yes, the power of God in us is certainly dangerous, which I love. It is dangerous to all my self-imposed limitations, excuses and equivocation. His power is dangerous to my plans and my fears and my self-centeredness. Yea for the dangerous power of God living in us!