Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Passage Through Thorns

On the way to the vernal pond, I notice how we can't even approach it unless we pass through the thorns.  There's no way around them. 

These thorns tangle and form a crown above us. 

This Easter, I think of the passage Christ paves through that crown of thorns he wore at the crucifixion.  And today, that beautiful resurrection means I enter in, and I'm free. 

A paradise awaits, but I have to pass through the thorns. 

Journal:  He is risen indeed!  Have I walked through that free passage, marked by the crown of thorns?   


Anonymous said...

Our story within His story - our own journey of dyings & resurrections...

David Rupert said...

We all want a path of flowers don't we?

it doesn't take long to figure out, "it isn't so."

So why do we flair so much with the reality?