Friday, October 7, 2011

I've Completed My Italian Mama Training (Photos from the Italian Mama's Lunch)

Today, I host my first Italian Mama's Luncheon

I've been in training for over a year to learn the ways of a true Italian Mama.

I arrange the antipasto platter; I slice the crusty Italian bread; I spoon out the olives and roasted peppers.  I'm nervous.

Antipasto Platter

The Mamas arrive bearing gifts:  chocolates, flowers, baked goods.  We talk and dine and drink coffee and laugh.  I learn that once you feast on the antipasto, you offer the pasta; in this case, I make fresh pesto and invent my own Italian pasta dish.  I add Parmesan cheese, pine nuts, and artichoke hearts.  Pesto-baked chicken accompanies the pasta.

So far so good.  But I'm not finished.  A true Italian Mama brings out more

I've made homemade raspberry sorbet from my fall raspberry harvest.

We cleanse our palettes, and, just when we cannot eat another bite, an Italian Mama must present the desserts:  tiramisu, cannolis, and lemon cake.

Meanwhile, I'm realizing that Italian Motherhood means you always have more.  You know how to offer even more love, warmth, nourishment, and community.

Just when you think you're full, she brings out more.  Italian Mama Training taught me the fine art of abundant living and giving.  These lessons have helped me live with flair this year.

Journal:  How can we live abundantly and give abundantly?


Ceil Wilson said...

Your feast looks fabulous! My daughter spent five weeks in Italy two summers ago, and took a cooking class while she was there. We have been periodically enjoying homemade pasta, sauce, gnocchi, and risotto ever since.

joan said...

Ye, indeed..your Italian feast looks scrumptious. I am a chef and tonight I would love to have pasta, but I don't want to cook. Therefore, I will have frozen pizza with flair: adding fresh organic spinach, mushrooms, feta and mozzarella.

Monster Librarian said...

I am work, counting down the minutes until lunch time and you've made me so much hungrier! Sound like you have great friends to share it with too!

Gigi said...

I so wish I was there with you!! I'm so proud of your new cooking acumen. You need to give me lessons the next time I visit.