Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You've Got to See This

My neighbor has a gift.  She's an artist, but nobody really knows--at least we didn't--until she began to show us all.

Her drawings make me so happy.  They evoke something in me that the real object doesn't.  I realize I'm just looking at a drawing of a little girl's shoes, but something about this artwork delights me. 

Reluctantly, she shows her sketches to the neighborhood children, and they gather around her in wonder.  "You drew that?  You really drew it?  With pencil?  How?"

If you ever get a chance to speak with an artist, I highly recommend it.  I ask Jennifer Kelly to explain to me why I love this drawing so much.  She writes, "There's just something little-girly about the shoes, kicked off in a rush to go play. Their shape is reminiscent of the body's long curves; the interior almost calls you to put your foot in, and your skin tingles, remembering the feel of your last pair of flats. Maybe the visceral nature of pencil strokes enhances the touch-feel-experience of the memory."

Living with flair means you seek out your neighbor's hidden talents.  And if you are the neighbor with the gift, living with flair means you offer it to the world.  You go public, you open your sketch book, and you let the community be delighted by you and God's creativity flowing through you.  

Journal:  What gift are you hiding from us?


Janelle_K said...

Heather,  I have had the opportunity to become friends with a local artist in town.   My parents bought a painting of hers for my birthday and I wanted to know the story behind the painting.   I have since acquired a couple more of her paintings, and I always inquire about the story.    It gives so much more insight into the art as I look at them on my walls.  

I love the story behind your daughter's ballet slippers and it makes sense why it speaks to you the way it does.  

Live with Flair said...

It seems so important to know the story behind the art!  It makes it that much more beautiful!  I think so, at least :)

Roberta Beach said...

Learning and knowing the story is one reason I love to buy local art; I meet the artist, finding out why, for example, he went from painting cars and doing body work to sculptured paintings; that another left the arch out of a cityscape of St. Louis so we all could better identify with it and my friend, Deb, who has been a baker, teaches dressage and is an awesome photographer.  Love this entry - and for those of us who don't have a particularly artsy or crafty bent (yet - still looking; I can train a dog!), we are in the cheering section, appreciating and buying the incredible art made by our neighbors. 

LivewithFlair said...

I love how that artist left the arch out :).  And by the way, training a dog IS an art form indeed!!