Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sending Out Your Roots

We hike in the dry heat.

I notice this:  The cactus finds a way to bloom in this parched land.

Cactus Blooming Yellow

I've never in my life seen a cactus blooming up in the mountains.  Surely, this plant stores up what it can.  It adapts to its environment to avoid water loss and immediately sends out roots wherever and whenever a water source arrives.

I'm amazed at everything I see, but then I hear something just as amazing.  A waterfall roars somewhere up ahead.  Just the sound of it begins to refresh me. 

The mountain rocks yield to a glorious sight in the blazing sun.  A waterfall!  

Mountain Waterfall

A clear, icy pool of water collects at the base. 

We wade in, even in our shoes, even in our clothing.  We are cacti sending out roots.

All day, I think about sending out roots--wading in--to those things that refresh the soul. A cactus can bloom in the desert if she knows when and where to send out roots.

I pray I know when and where to best wade in.

Journal:  Besides spiritual practices that connect us deeply to God, what projects, friendships, or habits might we wade in to find refreshment? 



Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, this makes me miss my life in the West!

Phil B said...

I KNOW!!!!
A hand waves wildly.
The question is hardly the first tiny drop of rain, when the answer comes in a flood.

We are meeting new sisters and brothers enthusiastically
pursuing the same goals.

In fact, I just saw that answer vividly verified. More later...

Sue Tell said...

"sending out roots, wading in to those things that refresh the soul" ... I LOVE the picture that evokes. Thank you.

missing moments said...

Like your words with your images. Don't we always want to know when and where!

Roberta @ Silverwalk said...

A friend and I had a long over-due "board meeting" this evening at a local bakery. We agreed to help root one another more often. Love the West.