Monday, November 28, 2011

3 Lessons from a Magnificent (But Terrifying) Spider

Today I meet a cross orbweaver spider.

Cross Orbweaver Spider
In the cooler weather, I know these spiders find warmth inside my house.  Spiders terrify me, but I want to give her a chance.  One can't destroy another just because of fear, just because of misunderstanding. 

Orbweaver Spider in the Woods

I learn that this spider rarely bites.  In fact, it's supremely difficult to provoke her.   Inside a home, she'll eat dust mites, fruit flies, and various pests.  Her webs help clean the house. 

I also learn that she eats her web every single night and builds a fresh one every single morning.  She keeps her web free of debris by starting over every single day.

I love that she starts fresh each morning, removing debris from the day before.  I love that she stays calm and unprovoked.  I love that she's helpful. 

I want to be more like her.  Welcome, little spider.

Do you encounter unusual spiders in your home this time of year?


Roberta Beach said...

I'm not  fond of spiders, either, having been bitten by a recluse spider. However, this year, I allowed the spiders to spin their webs inside or out as long as they didn't interfere with day to day stuff. Mosquitoes carry heart-worm larvae which can infect my dogs. If spider webs can trap mosquitoes in the house, I thank them and think of each as "Charlotte." 
None of mine are an orbweaver - she would be welcome!
Facing fear helps us know which is irrational vs rational. 

Deb B said...

Beautiful pictures & message!