Saturday, November 12, 2011

Turning the Page at Penn State

I watch with my own eyes how two rival teams come together midfield, kneel, and pray for several minutes while fans watch on in tears.

"Is this normal?" I ask my husband since I don't know everything about football.

"No, this isn't normal," he says, as we watch grown, powerful men bow before God in prayer. 

For once, the media silences themselves before a holy moment. 

If critics have said Penn State is a microcosm for everything that's wrong with the world today, I suggest that Penn State moving forward is a microcosm for what hope and healing look like:  You come together; you get on your knees in humility, and you pray.

Something beautiful just happened in this little town.



Adam McLane said...

Of course, if it were done for God it wouldn't have been done in public with the TV cameras all around. It was a PR move- plain and simple.

Live with Flair said...

Maybe so, but I still loved it :)  

Roberta Beach said...

Sounds like the team and Penn State are trying to be the needed change in their world. This reminds me of St. Francis - "preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words." Redemption. 

Sue said...

I freely admit that I am a Nebraska fan. Having said that, if you know Coach Ron Brown and the Huskers, you know that the prayer before Saturday's game was not a publicity stunt. It was a sincere attempt to bring hope and healing, to reach out to one another with compassion, and to be a light to young boys everywhere.