Tuesday, May 29, 2012

All the Things You Didn't Even Know Were Here

The winning pie at the Boalsburg Memorial Day Fair is something I haven't even imagined in my mind before. 

Coconut Key Lime.

You know my problem with coconut. 

I didn't get the recipe or try this winning pie, but I immediately come home and proclaim, "I have to make that pie!" 

So I do. 

I use a recipe by Martha Stewart called Coconut Key Lime Pie.  I make three pies: one for a new neighbor, one for a fellow coconut lover, and one for my husband and daughters. 

Yesterday, I didn't know that Coconut Key Lime Pie existed.  Today, I do. 

All morning in my kitchen, I think about all the things I have yet to discover in this wonderful world. 

Did you discover a new thing today? 


Italian Mama said...

You must bring this to the next Italian Mamas lunch!  Coconut?  Limes? Pie? You pretty much can't go wrong here! 

LivewithFlair said...

Yes!  Indeed!  If you stop by in the midst of the chaos down there, I will serve you a piece!  Come on!! 

AussieMum said...

It was delish'. Glad to be the 'new neighbour'. Maybe i should move more...do you think i'd be given more pies???