Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Fan and a Bowl of Ice

We have little window air conditioning units, but not in our bedroom. I love a cold bedroom, and this heat is just not cooperating with me.

I read online that you can quickly cool a room if you position your fan in front of a large bowl of ice. I set up my system earnestly and happily late last night. My supportive husband watches me, but I think he's laughing on the inside.

Maybe I'm imagining things, but this very simple solution let me fall asleep in a cool room for the first time in weeks. So simple!

I've learned so much in this heat.

I didn't even think of the possibility that one could cool a room well without the clangy old air conditioner or the expensive central air (we rent a house without it). I'm realizing how hard it is to go back to basic things--I can't even imagine them sometimes--when I'm in need.

I like my fan and bowl of ice. I like the simplicity of it.

Do you know how to stay cool without AC? 

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Elaine said...

We have tall casement windows that crank out so window fans or a/c units don't work  for us.  We were told we need to replace our house unit but haven't so it has been a game of opening and closing windows and window coverings as the sun goes round. My husband has been amazed at how effective that is.
As a coffee girl, I have been having my mason jars of iced coffee a la Pioneer Woman in the morning; we both have the De-cafe version in the evening. It is oddly refreshing.
I have a tiny fan running on the lower level, the next steamy night I'm going to bring it and a bowl of ice to the bedroom - thanks!