Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"I'm Laying a Dragon Egg."

The first words out of a little boy's mouth this morning on the walk to school are, "Remember not to touch my back; I'm laying a dragon egg."

"Oh, yes of course!" I say. "And where will you be laying the dragon egg?"

"In a very soft patch of sunflowers." Then he's off running down the sidewalk to lay the imaginary dragon egg in the imaginary patch of sunflowers.

10 minutes later, another little boy joins us on the walk. I tell him he should meet the other little boy.

"No thanks," he says politely. "I already know too many people."

I burst out laughing at the honesty and the keen understanding of his own capacity. He sets a boundary--not an unkind one--and walks on to school.

The other boy doesn't mind at all. He's too busy laying a dragon egg and reminding others not to bother him.

Oh, that I could rediscover the imagination of children and retain the natural boundary system that keeps them aware of their needs and limits! They act sincerely and creatively.

Both boys taught me something this morning.

Isn't it amazing that children know their boundaries and adults are so terrible and saying "no" and setting limits? 

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