Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Always a Portal

The Local Artist (the one who does the hoping for me) and I stand under a darkening sky this afternoon. We notice a pinhole of blue sky that looks like a portal. There's even a little lamppost beneath it to remind me of Narnia.

"Take a picture with your phone!" I say (and she does because she knows it's some kind of Flair Moment).

It just seems like a message in the clouds: There's always a way out or in. No matter what we're going through, there's a way out. No matter what we're wanting, there's a way in.

Portals have everything to do with faith and imagination and hope and whimsy. Look up and find that little blue tunnel, that lamppost, that rabbit hole, that closet, that train platform, that moving staircase. There's a parallel world, and we might enter if we choose.

I've always loved portals in literature because they remind me of spiritual realities. There's a physical world and a spiritual one all happening at once!

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