Saturday, December 29, 2012

Loving Delusions and Seeking False Gods

All morning, I think about Psalm 4 and the question, "How long will you love delusions and seek false gods?"

I wonder about all the sources of delusional thinking and all the ways I seek false gods. I think about the ways I worship myself. I think about how delusional thinking begins when we question God's word, His goodness, and His power.

Where am I questioning God's word and choosing to sin? Where in my life am I doubting God's goodness and power?

And how am I really--when it comes right down to it--actually worshipping myself?

Today, I'm thankful that Jesus rescues us, renews our mind, and shows us how to live.

Where am I questioning, doubting, and worshipping false gods?

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Anne Wenger said...

Profound thoughts to consider. And glorious truth that God rescues us from ourselves if we let Him. Thanks for posing the questions.