Thursday, December 27, 2012

Going the Back Way

When you're driving with folks who really know a town well, they'll always say, "Let's take the back way." This means you journey down country roads. This means you avoid traffic, stop lights, and intersections. You're on an easier--although winding--path towards your destination. You avoid delays, headaches, and noise.

And you get beautiful scenery. 

So today we take the back way home from shopping. I think about how Scripture talks about certain paths; there's a back way of the righteous, known by God and that Proverbs describes as level, gleaming with light, smooth, and joyful.

The path of the wicked--the highway that most travel--in contrast, is full of snares and pitfalls.Certain paths mire us down, delay us, distract us, and detour us.

I'll take the back way. I'll take my directions from the One who knows this town better than I do.

Am I willing to take the winding back way home?

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