Sunday, December 2, 2012

Considering Himself Nothing

This morning, I realize that the Christmas season--more than anything else--is about God who "made himself nothing" and "took on the nature of a servant" (Philippians 2).

It's unfathomable. The One who should be served, serves.

What would it mean for us if we "made ourselves nothing?" If we "took on the nature of a servant?" If we served instead of wanting to be served all the time?

Practically, I mean.

With God's power, I decide to do my husband's ironing. If you know me, this is indeed a supernatural act. My too least favorite household chores include ironing and vacuuming stairs. Let someone else do it! Why do I have to do it?

With God's power (going against my flesh, my desire to be served, and my agenda), I get out the ironing board. I get out the vacuum. It feels different this time. It feels like love, and I'm filled with joy.

When we make ourselves nothing, we are indeed "exalted to the highest place."

That's Christmas!
Isn't it so hard to serve and not be served? 

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